Top Five Most Hottest Celebirity From the Holly wood and Bolly wood


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some pics from holly wood and bollywood that we take the result that which actress are hot.. here are the 10 pics from both industries…and you people now

Top 5 Hottest and Sexiest Actress of Holly Wood

Heather Graham
No.1Heather Graham

Jennifer Aniston Hot Pic in new Style
No.2 Jennifer Aniston
Emma Roberts
No.3 Emma Roberts

 Angelina Jolie nice eyes
No.4 Angelina Jolie

Anna Paquin looking very nice in this dress
No.5 Anna Paquin

now look the down and see the top hot 5 female actress from bollywood and leave your comments about this post…..

Top 5 Hottest and Sexiest Actress of BollyWood
Aishwarya Rai
No.1 Aishwarya Rai

Priyanka Chopra
No.2 Priyanka Chopra
Kareena Kapoor
No.3 Kareena Kapoor
Katrina Kaif
No.4 Katrina Kaif
 Bipasha Basu
No.5 Bipasha Basu

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