Wisin And Yandel American Singer Band

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Born Juan Luis Morera and Veguilla Llandel respectively, the duo Wisín & Yandel are a bright hot comet of rhythm and dynamic energy making their mark in the genre that fuels today’s hottest musical movement, Lab. And the musical genre that distinguishes itself and sets itself away by merging the Jamaican dancehall reggae roots with Panama. Put them with music is unique so that it has the ability to cross gender lines and appeal to all races and ages, and Wisín Yandel quickly became household names on the stage, music, artists and respected.

Hailing from Puerto Rico and dependence effects music to FICO Lab C leaders, Major General Sayed, this dynamic duo puts the stamp of their own in the world of Lab, which makes them not only original, but a breath of fresh air with the words of insight and drive for excellence that refuses to think of mediocrity. Their love for music and bonds, and the chemistry of a unique musical and performance is what sets them apart. Clear from watching this Rákata and Mayor Yu Q, of the forthcoming album “Pal” Mundo “promises to be the best album to date, and friends and colleagues out of respect, such as Grupo Aventura, Yankee father, Hector” El Bambino “cooperation and to provide them with special patterns of these dynamic twosome. as they are considered the driving force behind them the support they received from their families, which is evident also in her next album which reflects the excellent integration of growth and maturity, while continuing to honor this type, which are known.

Wisin & Yandel

 Wisin & Yandel in stlye

Wisin & Yandel

 Wisin & Yandel nice image

Wisin & Yandel pic

 Wisin & Yandel wallpaper

Wisin & Yandel

 Wisin & Yandel in funny mood

Wisin & Yandel style

Wisin & Yandel on red carpet

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