Some Pics of Diana Penty New Actress From Bollywood


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Dian Penty recently joined Bollywood film industry..she did the role in C0ctail as a wife of ran deep hoda. while a scene of this film randeep wanna to hit her. and she really scared with it. so the actually expression of her face is come out. she worked Saif alik khan film production. and she worked with senior actors and actress like saif ali khan and dapeeka padakuone. but she proved her self that she never been a nervous during the making of the picture. hope we will see more of best her work in future. here are i posted some of her new and hot pics i hope you will be enjoy it..


Dian Penty amazing hair style

 Dian Penty biting smile

Dian Penty hot looking

 Dian Penty hot pic

Dian Penty new style

nice clothes

Dian Penty in black dress

 Dian Penty looking more hot in black dress

Dian Penty fashion style 2012

Dian Penty  new style

Dian Penty hot looking

Dian Penty hot in black dress

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