Parineeti Chopra Pics and Introduction


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Parineeti Chopra is a new actress from the Bollywood. she appearance her first move ishaqzada. she did vital role in this movie. i saw this movie she is nervous in some sceene of this movie but she did good job in it.
her date of birth in 24 may 1988. she completed her studies in finance from England university. she come back in india 2009. here she joined the fashion academy and after she joined Bollywood film industry. Ishaqzada is a
hit movie after hit of this movie she offered in many projects from Bollywood.. she is the cousin of the famous actress prinkya choopra. in Bollywood she joined the yash Chopra film industry..
Parineeti Chopra with a smiling face

has a great smile on her face

Parineeti Chopra with hot smiling and long hair

with smiley face and nice hair style

Parineeti Chopra in Ishaqzada movie

in Ishaqzada movie with the new Hero

Parineeti Chopra hot style of hair and sexy smiling

looking so cute and sexy killer smiling

Parineeti Chopra cute photo

looking very happy in this pic

she won the award of her best perfomance

Parineeti Chopra won the award for her perfomance

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