Demi Moore start Dating with Martin Anderson

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On e years ago actress Demi Moore has blamed on her friend Ashton Kutcher that he has involved in scandals with some women and device her. She separate with him but after that as she separate with her husband she found a new toy boy. The boy name Martin Anderson. Her new boyfriend is a actor and he belongs to New Zealand. He is 37 year old the news is that both are now starting dates. They found in many places during their dates. Mean while the people said about them that they were eat meal together at different places. Their behavior were flirty with each other at this occasion. After finish the lunch they both went to a mall for shopping and than they back to home from there, where they both are stay. Before all these evidence 3 days ago Demi and Martin also founded an out doors party with friends, one of guest set about them that these couple were talking and laughing with each other all the time..

Demi Moore and Martin Anderson Dating Girlfriend and Boyfriend Demi Moore with Boyfriend Demi Moore and her boyfriend

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