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Jenna-Louise Coleman was born in 1986 on the 27th of April. The place of birth was Blackpool, Lancashire. The English actress is known for the act in Emmerdale, which is a British soap opera. In the British sci-fi series called Doctor Who, she is the Doctor’s companion. Jenna is also popular from other roles, such as the ones from Asylum of the Daleks and The Snowmen.

Jenna Coleman

The actress began her career with Emmerdale in 2005 and had two awards in 2007 for it. The awards won for the first steps in her career were the following: Best Newcomer, Most Popular Newcomer, Best Dramatic Performance and a few others. In 2009 Coleman started to act as the hard girl in the BBC drama Waterloo Road.

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In December 2010, a new role was announced: the role of Susan Brown in Room at the Top, which is a TV version of the novel written by John Braine. Due to problems, the TV adaptation was postponed and is known to start in the near future. In 2011, Jenna started to appear in the production Captain America and in the Titanic mini-series. The character Annie from the Titanic mini-series that Jenna was interpreting was called by her “cheeky little cockney”.

Jenna Louise Coleman Clara

In 2012, the producer Steven Moffat said at a conference that Jenna can play the role of the doctor’s companion in Doctor Who. Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill decided to leave the show and Jenna would remain with Matt Smith. The actress could be able to talk more rapidly than Smith. The audition for the role was made in secrecy, as it was known to be meant for Men on Waves.

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When it comes to voice acting, Jenna-Louise Coleman offered her voice for the game Xenoblade Chronicles, as the character Melia The actress had a relationship with Richard Madden, who is the star from Game of Thrones. She was on the place 91 in the 100 Sexiest Woman poll of FHM, after Doctor Who you can bet this will increase!

jenna louise coleman

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