Future Has Confirmed His Relationship With Ciara

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A few days back we reported that how Ciara was trying to take away Future from his baby’s mom. They were spotted dating each other in various locations. We thought that rapper Future was just hanging out for some time and just passing a good time with Ciara.

future ciara relationship

But the truth has come out now from Future’s own mouth. He has confirmed that his friendly relationship with Ciara is not like what it seems but a bit more. Future has said his chemistry with Ciara is really working out good and they both are now serious about something more than just friendship.

The rapper says that he feels really happy when Ciara is with him and he also makes her smile. We can surely imagine where the wind is blowing, so let’s wait and see.

Robin Simons

Robin is a passionate celebrity news writer and loves to remain updated about Bollywood news. He has been blogging about celebrities from the last two and a half years and will keep doing what he loves to. He is also one of our active authors under our network.

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