Halle Berry Surprised Her Producer

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Peter Farelly, the producer of Movie 43 was left shocked when his lead actress Halle Berry agreed to dipping her breasts in a bowl of guacamole in a scene.

halle berry

Peter was worried at first that Halle would find the scenes too extreme but was shocked when Halle felt that they were too soft & wanted them to be more confidential.

He was afraid that Halle would get upset on the set. But, on the contrary, she asked them to amp up the scenes a little.

The scene in question here is where she is on a 1st date with Stephen Merchant and they are playing truth or dare and one thing leads to another and she sticks here bare breast into a bowl of guacamole. After this, Peter said that he really enjoyed working with her.

You should know though that the breast shown on screen is fake though as they are too big to be hers.

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