Jeremy Renner Has Brought Her Ex-Girlfriend Home

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Jeremy Renner, the Marvel Avengers movie star, is now living with his unborn baby’s mother who was revealed to be Sonni Pacheco, his love interest from Vancouver.


Sources heard Jeremy telling Eva Longoria at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles that he was going to be a father soon.

The couple met each other while filming for the 4th instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Ghost Protocol.

Earlier, we were told that Jeremy was trying his best to keep the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy as quiet as possible. Sources had said that they were dating but there was nothing serious going on between the two.

Jeremy has been known to keep the details of his private life a secret and only let’s out any information when he absolutely had to.

Earlier, he was dating Jess Macallan. They dated for 4 years before splitting up in 2010.

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