Rihanna Shoots For COMPLEX Magazine Cover For February-March Issue

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You have heard of celebrities being ready for their close up.  But this time Rihanna has gone all out and clicked 7 different covers for her Feb/Mar 2013 shoot with Complex magazine. This is in celebration of her 7th studio album titled Unapologetic. And if you were thinking how they were, they were pretty sexy.

rihanna complex

Even though Rihanna had a crazy 2012, 2013 is shaping up to be much crazier. Even though she knows exactly how to shove her relationship with Chris Brown down people’s throats, she also knows how to be vulnerable when it comes to her followers.

rihanna complex

That is why it is perfect that she has spent this interview giving out tips on how to take the best self picture.

complex magazine rihanna complex rihanna complex shoot

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