Drew Barrymore Doesn’t Want Her Daughter To Become Actress

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Drew Barrymore has said that she didn’t want her baby daughter to become a celebrity.

Drew had started her acting career at the age of 7 when she appeared in the movie E.T. But she confessed that she didn’t want her daughter, Olive, following in her footsteps.

drew daughter

She said that the main reason for not wanting it for her daughter was the way their lives were scrutinized because they were celebrities.

Drew has recently started to expand her horizons with her own line of makeup called Flower. She says that she had grown up around people who were always in the makeup chair. She said that it was a very special experience to watch her mom put on her makeup.

Her ad campaign is as simple as her thinking as well. She says it reminds every girl of how they used to be sitting in their closet and putting on makeup.

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