Future And Ciara Meets T.I. And Tiny

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T.I. and Tiny were recently joined by Future & Ciara in Beverly Hills where they were meeting for an early meal.

T.I. was spotted while he was leaving Crustacean with Tiny, his wife. They both were wearing sweatshirts & jeans and were looking very casual and laid back.

VH1 had recently announced that Tiny was going to make a comeback in the TV show Tiny Tonight on the 4th of February 2013. When spotted we noticed that she was also promoting her husband’s new album through her T-shirt.

future ciara meets tiny

The couple was dining with Ciara & her husband Future, who has had troubles of his own in recent months. Future recently became a father when a paternity test returned positive. He also has a 2 month old son with Ciara. Even though there is so much trouble in his personal life, Ciara looked extremely happy in his arms.

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