Mother Tells Son To Stay Away From Ex-Girlfriend

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Gloria, the mother of, Bradley Cooper, the Hollywood actor feels that he shouldn’t get back with his ex-girlfriend Zoe Saldana.

The actor had recently (in December) ended his relationship with the Star Trek actress for the 2nd time.

A source close to the family said that his mother had tried her best to get to know the actress but didn’t find her the right choice for her son.

bradley zoe

That is why, when both the actors started speaking again, she told him that their relationship had failed twice before and that there was no point in rekindling their romance.

Gloria is just like any mother and is very protective of her son and wants to get to know his girlfriends well. She liked her ex girlfriend Renee Zellweger and is still friends with her till date. But, she didn’t like Zoe and made it clear to her son as well.

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